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Monday, October 15, 2018

Event 9 ($600 NLH): Chang Sets Up Alicea

Event 9: $600 NLH (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 19: 4,000/8,000/8,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 1,055
Players Remaining: 74
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Jaren Chang
Jaren Chang and Edgardo Alicea were heads up on the A♠️8♥️3♦️2♠️ board. Alicea led out with a bet of 55,000 into a main pot of about 150,000.

Chang moved all in for 183,000 sending Alicea into the tank for nearly a minute. Alicea eventually called turning over A♣️Q♥️ but he was drawing dead against the A♥️A♦️ of Alicea.

The meaningless 3♥️ completed the board improving Chang to aces full of threes and he doubled up to over half a million.

Jaren Chang- 525,000
Edgardo Alicea- 55,000