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Monday, October 22, 2018

Event 20 ($2,500 NLH Championship): 3rd Place- Paul Radochia ($38,730)

$2,500 Championship NLH (Re-Entry)
$300,000 Guaranteed
Level 27: 25,000/50,000/25,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 155
Players Remaining: 2
Feature Table Live Stream Link:
Paul Radochia
Paul Radochia moved all in for about 850,000 and Sam Haddad re-shoved from the small blind for just over 1,100,000. Nick Palma quickly folded and the hands were shown.

Sam Haddad: A♦️Q♠️
Paul Radochia: K♥️8♠️ 

The 10♥️2♥️2♣️3♥️7♦️ runout was no help to Radochia and he was eliminated in 3rd place taking home $38,730. 

Sam Haddad- 2,085,000