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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Event 9: ($300 NLH Monster Stack) Cards in the Air

Event 9: $300 NLH Monster Stack $50,000 Guaranteed

Level 1: 25/50
Total Entries: 85
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Event 9 of the Foxwoods Poker Classic is the $300 NLH Monster Stack with a $50,000 guarantee. The players will start with 40,000 tournament chips and the levels will be 30 minutes each.

There will be a 60 minute dinner break after level 15 or approximately 6:15 P.M. When the final table is reached the levels will be extended to 50 minutes. 

This is a two day event and the bagging process will begin at the completion of Level 21. The surviving Day 2 players will return Friday March 16 at 11 A.M. to resume play and play down to a winner.

There are already 85 players in the hunt and we will be picking up on all of the Event 9 action here on the Foxwoods poker blog. As always you can tune in to watch the livestream feature table at the link provided above.