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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Event 19B: $400,000 Guarantee Hit, Dinner Time

Event #19: $2,500 NLH Championship $400,000 Guaranteed
End of Level 6: 200/400/50
Day 1A Entries: 62
Day 1 B Entries: 120
Day 1B Players Remaining: 81
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Mike Nye (left) Will "The Thrill" Failla (right)
The Day 1B Championship players have headed off to an early one hour dinner break. There are currently 120 players and counting this flight bringing the Day 1A-B total to 188. 

There is now more than $425,000 in the prize pool and it and it will only get bigger throughout the night. Tournament registration and re-entry will remain open until the start of Day 2 on Sunday March 25 at 11 A.M.

Below is a look at how some of the stacks from around the room are shaping up. We will pick back up on the live action when play resumes.

Chanty Phoutsakanh- 90,000
Andy Frankenberger- 82,000
Aram Zobian- 80,000
Chris Tryba- 59,000
Quintin Tyson- 58,000
Mike Nye- 55,000
Nick Pupillo- 50,000
Mike Azzaro- 43,000
Will "The Thrill" Failla- 40,000
David Mock- 35,000
Brian Altman- 35,000
Luke Vrabel- 32,000
Matt Wantman- 23,000
Vanessa Selbst- 22,000