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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Event 1C: Schoppmeyer Spikes the Turn to Eliminate Roemischer

Event 1: $600 NLH (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 5: 100/200/25
Total Day 1C Entries: 165

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We catch up to the three handed action on a flop of K♣️5♣️10♥️ and it checks to Eugene Roemischer who bets 800. Travis Schoppmeyer (pictured) check raises to 2,200 and the player in the middle folds.

With the action back on Roemischer he moves all in for about 25,000 and Schoppmeyer snap calls. Roemischer turns over A♠️K♦️ and is dominating the K♠️J♠️ of Schoppmeyer.

The dealer burns and turns the J♦️ and Schoppmeyer spikes his three outer to take the lead. The river 4♠️ is no help to Roemischer and he is sent to the rail in brutal fashion.

"You've got to get lucky in theses things" says Schoppmeyer as he drags in the pot and he is now up to about 65,000 here in the early levels.