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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Event 10: Champagne Spikes a Two Outer on the River

Event 10: Main Event
$1,650 NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 16: 2,000/4,000/500
Total Entries: 168
Players Remaining: 29


We catch up to the action on the 8♣️8♥️7♦️J♣️ board. George Abi-Zeid checks to Bob Champagne (pictured) and he bets 19,000 into a main pot of about 45,000.

With the action back on Abi-Zeid he checks raises to 56,000 and Champagne moves all in for over 100,000. Abi-Zeid quickly calls turning over his 8♦️6♦️ for trip eights.

Champagne sees the bad news tabling A♣️J♠️ and will need a jack and a jack only on the river to stay alive. The J♥️ completes the board and Champagne does indeed spike his two outer to survive and Abi-Zeid is left with less than three big blinds. 

Bob Champagne- 245,000
George Abi-Zeid- 9,000