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Friday, October 13, 2017

Event #15 ($300 NLH Big Stack) - Kenny Han Sends Two Home

Kenny Han - Pictured Here in Event #13

Level: 9
Blinds: 300/600
Ante: 75
Current Entries: 129
Current Players Remaining: 108
Avg. Stack: 35,833

Carlo Sciannameo limps in from under the gun, and a player in middle position raises to 2,500. Event #14 ($300 Seniors) Winner Kenny Han calls on the button. It folds back to Sciannameo who moves all in for around 30,000, and the player in middle position calls for his remaining 9,000 in chips.  Han pauses for a few moments before opting to call, having both players covered, and the three players table their hands.

Sciannameo: 3♠3♣
Middle Position: 10♣10
Han: 10♠9

The flop comes 8♣7♠4, leaving the player in middle position in the lead with his pair of tens, but giving Han and open ended straight draw.  The 6♠ turn brings in the straight, giving Han the lead. The river is the 4♣, and both Sciannameo and the other player are eliminated from play.

Kenny Han - 65,000
Carlo Sciannameo - Eliminated with the option to re-enter