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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Event #10, Day 3 - Andrew Heckman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($24,746)

Andrew Heckman - 3rd Place - $24,746

Level:  33
Blinds: 80,000/160.000
Ante: 20,000
Current Players Remaining: 2
Average Stack: 9,080,000
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Andrew Heckman moves all in on the button for 1,140,000, and Louis Scianna calls in the small blind. Sean Carlson folds his big blind, and the two players table their hands.

Heckman: 5♦5♠
Scianna: K9

The flop comes K♣Q♠9♠, giving Scianna the lead when he flops two pair.

The 10♠ turn and A♣ river do not improve Heckman's hand, and he is eliminated in 3rd place.

Louis Scianna - 6,500,000 (40 bb)
Andrew Heckman - Eliminated in 3rd place, for $24,746