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Monday, August 28, 2017

High Roller - End of Day 1 Recap, Caleb Clarke Leads Link:

Day 1 of the $3,250 High Roller event at Foxwoods is now in the books. There were a total of 41 entries over the course of the first day, and by the end of the night, only 14 players remained. But the total number of entries, and Day 2 players, is likely to increase because registration is open until the start of play tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.
Caleb Clarke is the leader of the pack heading into Day 2. Clarke won a large pot off of Solomon Yi in the eight level of the day, jump starting his chip lead. Clarke rivered a flush against Yi's straight to get him to the 150,000 chip mark, and he held onto those chips, and built as the night went on. Yi held the early day chip lead in level 3 having hit quad fours to take out Zach Donovan and quad twos to eliminate Scott Mair just a few hands later. When Clarke joined Yi's table, Yi struggled for the second half of the day, and ultimately was eliminated in the last level of the night.
The last female standing was Denise Pratt. Pratt was eliminated the first time when she shoved all in with AJ♦ against Dave Stefanski holding A♠A. Pratt quickly re-entered and was seated at her son Jonathan's table. She stayed there until the second to last level of the night when she was ultimately eliminated by Brett Apter after flopping  a set of sevens, Apter turning a flush and a straight.
Pratt's son Jonathan is heading into Day 2 6th in chips (91,500). Jonathan lost a sizable pot the very last hand of the night when he called Houston Baker's all-in with kings, and ran into Baker's aces. Despite the late night setback, Jonathan still has a good size stack coming into Day 2. 
Here are the top five chip stacks from Day 1:
1: Caleb Clarke - 183,200
2: Eric Siegel - 121,100
3: Jack Duong - 115,600
4: David Davenport - 115,000
5: Bryan Rowland - 96,800
For a full look at all of the surviving players' chip stacks and seating assignments, please see the Reports tab on  
Day 2 begins at 2:00 pm tomorrow, and will resume at Level 13 (1,000/2,000 blinds with a 300 ante). All prizepool information will be posted after registration closes.