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Monday, August 21, 2017

Event #2 ($580 NLH Re-Entry) - Daniel Podheiser Eliminated in 4th Place ($41,175)

Daniel Podheiser - 4th Place - $41,175

Level:  33
Blinds:  80,000/160,000
Ante: 20,000
Entries: 1,035
Players Remaining: 3
Average Stack: 5,400,000
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Panja Lymswan raises to 325,000 on the button, and Daniel Podheiser shoves all in from the small blind for 1,590,000. Jean-Philip Maltais thinks for nearly two minutes before calling the all in, and Lymswam calls as well.

Lymswan and Maltais check it down as the board runs out J♠3238.

Podheiser quickly turned over 1010♠, but Maltais turned over QQ♠.  Lymswan showed A4, and Maltais took down the pot, while Podheiser was eliminated from play.