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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Event #1 - Manny Okrah Doubles Through Aaron Barham

Level: 27
Blinds: 20,000/40,000
Ante: 5,000
Entrants: 776
Current Players Remaining: 6
Avg. Chip Stack: 2,586,666
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Action folds to Manny Okrah in the cutoff who shoves all in. Aaron Barham asks for a count on the button, and upon hearing the 1,115,000 total, Barham calls. LJ Sande folds his small blind, and Dena Pearlman asks Barham how much he started the hand with, as she stands up quickly from her seat.

"About 2.6," Barham tells Pearlman, referring to his 2,600,000 stack to start the hand.

Pearlman is visibly jarred, and starts pacing near her seat. She ultimately opts to fold her hand, and the two other players table their cards.

Okrah: QQ♠
Barham: A♣Q♣

"I was behind that," Pearlman says as she points to Okrah's pocket queens.

The flop comes J72♠, and Pearlman says, "There went my tournament, I had pocket sevens."

The 5 turn and 5♠ river are safe for Okrah, and he doubles up.

"So frustrating," Pearlman says, "But I cant really call half my stack with sevens there." 

Manny Okrah - 2,320,000 (58 bb)
Aaron Barham - 1,700,000 (42 bb)