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Friday, March 24, 2017

Event #6 (Monster Stack) - Glen Sibelius Doubles Through Tony Neves, Neves Doubles Through Sibelius

Level: 30
Blinds: 50,000/100,000
Ante: 10,000 
Current Players Remaining: 7
Average Chip Stack: 2,022,857
Feature Table Live Stream Link: 

Glen Sibelius recently doubled up after flopping a set of jacks, and getting it all in on the turn against Tony Neves who had turned a straight. The river paired the board giving Sibelius a full house to double up.

Glen Sibelius - 1,700,000 (17 bb)
Tony Neves - 690,000 (6 bb)

A few hands later Neves shoved all in from under the gun for 690,000 holding A6♠ and Sibelius called on the button holding 10♣10.

The board ran out J6476♣ giving Neves a double up with trip sixes. 

Tony Neves - 1,700,000 (17 bb)
Glen Sibelius - 1,400,000 (14 bb)