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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Event #1, Flight A - Mark Sullivan Doubles Through Laurie Hilton

Blinds: 150/300
Ante: 25
Current Entrants: 207
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

There are a total of four players that have called 300 to see the 8♠6♠5♠ flop.

Laurie Hilton checks in the big blind, Linda Swears checks her big blind, Mark Sullivan checks under the gun, and a player in middle position bets 700. Hilton and Swears both call, and Sullivan raises to 2,500. The player in middle position pauses for a few seconds, and then mucks his hand.  Hilton and Swears both call.

The turn is the Q. Hilton and Swears both check again, and Sullivan shoves all in.

Hilton asks for a count, and upon hearing the 12,950 total, she calls.

Swears pauses for nearly 30 seconds before reluctantly releasing her cards into the muck.

"Do you have a flush?" Hilton asks Sullivan. Sullivan turns over Q♠9♠.

"I have a straight," Hilton says as she turns over 7♠4, "I didn't think you would shove with the flush."

The K comes on the river and Swears sighs a sigh of relief while telling the table she had folded the A♠. The player in middle position says, "I had the K [of spades]."

Mark Sullivan -35,550
Laurie Hilton - 5,000