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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Morgan Litwin Puts Opponents to the Test (Event #1B)

Phi Thanh Nguyen Contemplates Calling Morgan Litwin's All-In Bet

Level 3
Blinds:  75/150

On a board reading [10s][6h][3s][5d], Morgan Litwin shoves all in from the small blind, and Phi Thanh Nguyen in middle position, goes into the tank.

After nearly two minutes of thinking about his decision, Nguyen hesitantly releases his hand.

Litwin shows [6s][6d], having flopped a set of sixes.

Even five minutes after the hand is over, the table continues to talk about the texture of the board, and the Nguyen's decision to fold.

Nguyen didn't show his cards, but said that he folded two pair.  Another player said he had folded jacks on the flop.

Morgan Litwin - 27,000