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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Event #1 - Frankie Flowers Playing for the Greater Good

Frankie Flowers

Foxwoods regular Frankie Flowers is well known on the poker scene.  He has a very impressive poker resume, peppered with deep tournament runs.  In addition to tournament play, he can also be found regularly playing cash games on the regular. But Flowers life extends far beyond the felt. He has been involved with charity work and bettering other people's lives for many years.   

This morning Frankie started out as one of the top 20 stacks of the returning 140 players. He is now sitting with just under 700,000, good for one of the top two stacks of the remaining 78.  Frankie took a few minutes on his break to tell the staff that he is playing for a lot more than just himself in this tournament.  Flowers has committed a percentage of any of his winnings to his late father's charity, John Flowers Events. Any money won/donated will go to supply 65 families in the New York area with Christmas gifts/supplies.  It will also be donated to 26+ nursing homes and hospitals in New York.

Here is a short write up and video of Flower's holiday charity work last year in 2015:

Flowers has a lot of people watching his deep run in this tournament very closely as he is playing not only for himself, but for the greater good of many individuals and families in need this holiday season.