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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Event 16 Flight B - Michael Sanders Doubles Through William Frederick

Michael Sanders (bottom right) collecting the pot, William Frederick (Two-Seat)

Level: 14
Blinds:  1,000/2,000
Antes:  300
Remaining Players: 55

William Frederick raises to 3,200 in middle position and another player in later position calls.  It folds to Michael Sanders in the small blind who makes it 15,000.  The big blind folds and with action back on Frederick, he announces that he is all in, having both players covered. The later position player folds, Sanders pauses for a few seconds, checks his cards, and then calls.

Sanders: Q♠Q
Opponent: A♣K♣

The board runs out Jack high awarding Sanders the pot. The dealer counts out Sanders' 95,600 chips. 

"He had been raising a lot, I thought he was just trying to squeeze," Frederick said to his neighbor as the chips are being passed across the table to Sanders. 

Michael Sanders - 196,000
William Frederick - 32,500