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Saturday, October 15, 2016

$2,700 Main Flight B - Michael Guzzardi Takes From Spencer Champlin

Michael Guzzardi (7 seat) and Spencer Champlin (9 seat - next to the dealer)

Level: 4
Blinds: 100/200
Ante: 25
Current Avg. Stack:  35,204

There's around 12,000 in the middle and a board reading 99♣8♠7♣.  Michael Guzzardi checks in the hijack and Spencer Champlin bets 6,000.  Guzzardi moves his stack of chips totaling around 19,000 out in front of him, and Champlin goes into the tank.

Over three minutes pass before the clock is called on Champlin.  The floor comes over and gives him 60 seconds to act on his hand or it will be declared dead.  The ten second countdown starts and with four seconds left to act Champlin mucks his cards face down.

Guzzardi shows A♠10.

Michael Guzzardi - 40,000
Spencer Champlin - 25,000