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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Story of the Night, Bubble Breaks, Chris Orme Makes It Through

A Crowd Gathers to Watch Chris Orme's All-In
Blinds:  2,500/5,000
Ante: 500

Chris Orme may just be the very definition of patience.  Earlier tonight he was all in for five big blinds and quadrupled up.  This hand, on the stone cold money bubble, he found himself down to less than a single big blind and was forced to go all in for 1,500 in the big blind.  Nearly all of the remaining 69 players gathered around the feature table to watch the hand play out.

A player in middle position limped in for 5,000, the crowd boo'ed.  The hijack also limped, and the crowd boo'ed a little louder.  The cutoff and big blind also called.

All four players checked the [6d][4c][2s] flop.  When the turn came the [8h], it checked to the player in the hijack who made it 15,000.  Only the small blind called.

Both players checked the [ks] river.

The small blind turned over [6h][7c] for a pair of sixes.  The hijack showed [8d][10d] for a pair of eights.  The crowd hushed as Orme looked down at his cards and peeled them over one by one.  The first card, the [8c].  "Ooooo...I have outs," Orme says as he rubs his palms together.  As he flips over the [ac], the crowd goes wild.  He is awarded a full double. And the player in middle position that folded the turn told Orme he folded a king, and would have knocked him out on the river.
The very next hand, a player at another table shoved all in under the gun for 30,000.  With a 300,000 stack, the small blind called without even looking at his cards.  The original raiser showed [ac][qc] against the blind's [8s][7s].  The board ran out [8d][7d][4c][jh][10d], eliminating the player on the bubble.

Chris Orme makes it through to Day 2 (and is guaranteed at least a $1,259 min cash) with a total of 9,000 in chips.

The Bubble Officially Breaks At Neighboring Table