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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wendell Barnes Leaves Table Mates Guessing (Event #4)

Wendell Barnes
Wendell Barnes raises to 55,000 in the cutoff.  The player on the button calls, as do both of the blinds.

The flop comes [7s][7d][3s].  Both blinds check, and Barnes shoves all in, having all three of the other players covered.

The player on the button goes into the tank for a solid minute before releasing his hand.  The small blind quickly folds, and the big blind folds her pocket fives face up.

Barnes flashes his cards so that only the blog staff can see.

"Show one, show all," a player not involved in the hand joked.

"Check the blog in the next few minutes, I'll keep you guessing until then," Barnes said with a smile.

"I really think my fives were way good there, he probably had ace king," the big blind says.

"You will find out in a few minutes," Barnes replies.

For those wondering, Barnes did in fact fold the best hand (of the two shown), as he was holding [jd][jh].

Barnes is now sitting with one of the larger stacks in the room, at 645,000 with 20 players remaining.