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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Event #8 - John Yanni Eliminated By John Dimeglio

John Dimeglio Contemplates His Decision
Action folds around to Matthew Sedgeman in the cutoff who raises to 11,000.  The button folds, and with action on John Yanni in the small blind, he shoves all in. 

John Dimeglio asks for a count in the the big blind.  Upon hearing the total of 60,500 he says, "I need a minute here guys." 

After a minute of thinking about it, Dimeglio reshoves over the top of Yanii, and the original raiser Sedgeman folds his hand. 

Dimeglio: [ad][qd]
Yanni: [7c][7s]

The [jh][8d][4c] flop is safe for Yanni, but unfortunately the [qc] turn gives Dimeglio a higher pair.  The [kd] on the river does not improve his hand, and Yanni is sent home within ten players of making the money.