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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Donald Bliss Eliminated By Justin Higgins (Event #12 $1,650 Main Event)

On a board reading [ks][jh][10s], Justin Higgins checks in the hijack, Donald Bliss bets 30,000 on the button, and Higgins shoves all in, having Bliss covered.

Bliss goes into the tank for a few minutes, until Higgins calls the clock on him.  He is given 60 seconds to act, and after 50 seconds, Bliss throws in a chip to call.

Higgins: [as][qd] (Broadway straight)
Bliss: [ac][10d] (pair of tens)

Unfortunately for Bliss, the [3h] turn, and [5h] river does not improve his hand, and he is eliminated from play shortly before the dinner break, and the money bubble bursting.  (There are currently 30 players remaining, and 27 make the money.)