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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ryan Eriquezzo cracks aces and kings to triple up

At 75/150, Ryan Eriquezzo made it 350 before the button reraised to 800.  The small blind smooth called, as did Ryan.  The flop fell [Td][5h][4d] and the small blind bet out 2,500.  Ryan called, and the the button raised to 5,600.  The small blind moved all in, and Ryan called all in.  The button called both all ins, having them both covered.

Ryan [4s][4h]
Small blind [K
Button [Ah][Ac]

Ryan had flopped a set of fours to take the lead in the hand, and neither the [3h] turn or the [9d] river changed that.  Ryan's stack was counted down to 16,200, and he will triple up.  The small blind's few remaining chips found its way to the button's stack, and we will lose one player.