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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spiro Mitrokostas Eliminated by Ted Driscoll

Ted Driscoll
Action folded to Ted Driscoll in the cutoff who made it 5,500.  Peter Wagner smooth called on the button, and Matthew Wantman raised to 16,500 in the small blind.  Spiro Mitrokostas shoved all in from the big blind, and with action back on Driscoll he asked for a count.  Upon hearing the 56,200 total, Driscoll shoved all in over the top.  Wagner folded. and Wantman folded [jh][jd] face up.

"I can beat anything but aces here," Mitrokostas said turning over [ad][ks].  Driscoll tabled [as][ah].

The flop came [ac][6d][8d] giving Driscoll a set of aces.  But when the [10d] hit the turn it gave Mitrokostas a diamond flush draw.  Luckily for Driscoll the river came the [8h].

Mitrokostas was eliminated from play and Driscoll is now sitting with 280,000.