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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Matthew Wantman takes the chip lead with a huge pot

A player raised in early position and Matt Wantman called from the button. The big blind came along as well to see a [3d][Qs][Tc] flop. The preflop raiser led for 14,000 and Matt raised to 32,000. Action folded back to the preflop raiser who put in a 3-bet to 75,000, which Matt just called. The turn was a [6d] and Matt's opponent instantly went all in. Matt called just as quick and tabled [Ts][Td]. It was a cooler as his opponent had [3h][3c]. Matt just needed to dodge one out, and when the river came the [6c], a massive stack was pushed over to Matt, who now sits on over 700,000.