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Monday, August 25, 2014

7th Place: Kevin Darouvar ($25,306)

Kevin Daraouvar (right) stands to watch his all in against Mark Dube (far left)

On a [5h][7s][8h] flop, Mark Dube bet out and was raised by Kevin Darouvar.  Mark 3-bet all in and Kevin made the call, and it was a virtual coin flip.  Mark held [Kh][Kd] for an overpair and had a lot of outs to fade as Kevin held [Jh][9h] for a double gutter with a flush draw.  The [Qs] changed nothing, and the [Jc] river gave Kevin a losing pair of jacks.  Mark will win a monster pot to put his chip count at 4.1 million.  Meanwhile, Kevin will be eliminated in 7th place for $25,306.