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Monday, December 15, 2014

Michael Dobbs doubles through Omar Saeed

Under the gun, Je Wook Oh opened the pot before Omar Saeed 3-bet.  Michael Dobbs looked down at his cards and 4-bet all in.  Je Wook got out of the way, and Omar called after some time in the tank, tabling [Ac][Th].  He had hoped it would be a race, but it was not as Michael had him dominated with [As][Ks].  The [3c][9c][9d] gave Omar some chop outs, but the [Ts] on the turn changed everything.  Michael would need a king on the river to survive.  Miraculously, he found it when the [Kh] hit the river.  Michael will double up to over 800,000 while Omar is still sitting pretty with 1.55 million.