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Monday, August 18, 2014

Event #5: Final Table Reached

It was a tumultuous few orbits for our final table bubble boy Brian Phelan.   First, he was involved in a million chip pot when he flopped a set of sixes against his opponent's flush and gutshot draw.  His opponent hit a diamond on the river to make his flush, and the stacks were counted down.  It was discovered that Brian was left with four big blinds.

He shoved his chips in from the button the next hand and won the blinds and antes.  After the next hand was dealt, Brian discovered that he was short a few chips, and the tournament director halted the action on both tables to call surveillance.  While that call was being made, Brian discovered a hidden 25k chip, and all was good.

Play continued, and Brian eventually moved all in again with [Ah][9h] and was called by a player with pocket kings.  The flop was nine high, giving Brian hope, but the king on the turn left him drawing dead.  Brian will exit the tournament in 11th place, good for $3,107.

The final table is now set, and we are getting chip counts and seating assignments.