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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Will Failla triples up with the best hand in poker

We walked by Will "The Thrill" Failla's table to see him all in for around 12,000.  The way the money got in was pretty crazy.  Apparently, Will had flopped a flush the previous hand and got it all in against his opponent's flopped set on the turn and ended up losing.  Before the cards were dealt, he committed the rest of his chips, only to see two other players move all in as well.

Sherwin Agard [Th][Td]
Player 2 [Jh][Jc]

Will squeezed his cards and flipped over [As][Ac] much to the table's surprise.  The board ran out a pure [Qc][2c][3d][4h][8s] to earn Will the triple up.

Sherwin was crippled as he lost the large side pot, and was eliminated a short time after.