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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Major drama as Justin Schwartz and Steve Happas have words

We missed the encounter, but apparently Justin Schwartz had said "all in" and may or may not have had cards in front of him when he said it.  This was pointed out after he had folded, and the other players wanted his chips to go into the pot.  The Foxwoods tournament director was called to the table and heard both sides, and it was ruled that Justin would forfeit a minimum raise to 10,000 and would also be on a one round penalty.  Steve Happas expressed his displeasure with the ruling and felt that his entire stack should be in the middle of the pot.  It was a heated encounter, and we captured a bit of it on camera...

The first Foxwoods floorman hears both sides of the situation

Steve Happas expresses his viewpoint
The Foxwoods tournament director gets the full story from the dealer
Justin Schwartz receives the news of the final decision