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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Antoine Younes loses one and then wins one

Sam Haddad (right) reacts to a scary river as he doubles up through Antoine Younes (left)
Antoine stands for his allin hand
Antoine Younes opened for a raise before Sam Haddad moved all in.  Action folded back to Antonie who made the quick call, showing [Ac][Ks].  But Sam tabled [Ah][Ad], making this the second time we've seen this matchup since being at the final table.  Amazingly, a similar flop appeared when it fell [3d][Kd][7d], leaving Antonie drawing to a non-diamond king.  The turn and river fell [7h][Qd] to give Sam the nut flush, scaring him briefly since the river was red paint (the [Kh] would have busted him).

A few hands later, Antoine was all in and out of his chair as his [Tc][9s] was in trouble against his opponent's [Ah][Kh].  The [6d][7d][8c] flop changed all that as it gave Antonie a 99% chance of doubling up.  The [4c] turn secured him the doubleup, and the river fell the meaningless [2s].  Antoine ends this rollercoaster with 225,000.