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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

$365 No-Limit: Parveen Kapoor Eliminated in 2nd Place ($15,351)

Glen Minxolli  raises to 62,000 from the button and Parveen Kapoor three-bets to 153,000.

Minxolli calls and the flop comes [8h][7c][6s].  Kapoor checks and Minxolli fires 250,000.

Kapoor raises to 500,000 and Minxolli calls.  The turn is the [9d] and Kapoor moves all-in.  Minxolli immediately makes the call and they turn over:

Minxolli - [Ac][5d]
Kapoor - [7d][7h]

Kapoor has a set of sevens but Minxolli turns the straight.  The river card comes the [4s] and Minxolli wins the pot.

Parveen Kapoor is eliminated in 2nd place, taking home $15,351.