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Friday, March 29, 2013

Joseph Ward Eliminated in 6th Place ($9,430)

Joseph Ward looks to be in great shape to eliminate Josh Quint when they got all-in before the flop.

Ward - [Kd][Ks]
Quint - [Td][Ts]

However, the board runs out [Tc][9c][2s][Ac][Jh] and Quint flops a set to double up and cripple Ward with just over 200,000.

A few hands later, Ward moves all-in from the button with [Qc][7c] and is called by Zachary Donovan with [Ks][Th].

The board of [As][Js][3s][Kd][Kh] does not help Ward, and he is eliminated in 6th place for $9,430.