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Sunday, March 17, 2013

John DiBella Eliminated in 8th place ($12,687)

John DiBella
John DiBella raises to 28,000 and is called by Justin Schwartz.  Ryan Eriquezzo then three-bets to 85,000 and DiBella calls.

Schwartz puts in the four-bet to 250,000 and Eriquezzo quickly folds.  DiBella thinks for a few moments before calling, leaving himself about 170,000 behind.

The flop comes [Qc][Js][7s] and DiBella moves all-in.  Schwartz immediately calls and they turn over:

DiBella - [Ad][Qd]
Schwartz - [Jc][Jd]

The turn is the [7d] and the river comes the [5d].  Schwartz wins the pot with a full house.

John DiBella is eliminated in 8th place for $12,687.