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Monday, March 18, 2013

Foxwoods Poker Classic Main Event Runner-Up: Ryan Eriquezzo ($69,541)

Ryan Eriquezzo
Ryan Eriquezzo limps for 30,000 and Justin Schwartz raises to 90,000.

Eriquezzo then three-bets to 255,000 and Schwartz announces that he is all-in.  Eriquezzo calls and they turn up:

Schwartz - [Tc][Ts]
Eriquezzo - [5d][5h]

The board runs out [Th][3c][3s][2h][3d] and Schwartz takes the pot with his full house.

WSOP Circuit National Champion Ryan Eriquezzo finishes the Foxwoods Poker Classic Main Event in 2nd place for $69,541.