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Sunday, December 9, 2012

George Kalaitzis Eliminated in 6th Place ($7,176)

After getting crippled to just 55,000 with [9c][9h] against the [Th][Ts] of Thomas Hoglund a few hands prior, George Kalaitzis gets his last few chips in the middle before the flop.

He is called by both Thomas Hoglund and Josh Rosen and the flop comes [Th][7d][6c].  Both Rosen and Hoglund check and the turn is the [Ks].

Rosen checks again but Hoglund fires 150,000.  Rosen releases his hand and Hoglund shows [Kh][Qc] for top pair.

Kalaitzis turns up [Ac][5c] and will need help.  However, no ace comes on the river and Kalaitzis is eliminated in 6th place for $7,176.