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Friday, December 14, 2012

Garrett Browning Eliminated in 4th Place ($6,460)

Sean Curtin limps from the button for 30,000 as does Sean King from the small blind.  Garrett Browning raises 125,000 more and Curtin calls.   King calls as well.

The flop comes [8d][8s][7c] and King moves all-in for 790,000.  Browning, who also has exactly 790,000, calls and Curtin folds.

They turn up:

Browning - [Ac][Kc]
King - [4c][4s]

The turn is the [Td] and the river comes the [3c].  The pocket fours of King hold up to win the pot.

Garrett Browning is eliminated in 4th pace for $6,460.