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Friday, March 23, 2018

Event #19A ($2,500 NLH Championship) - Omar Saeed Shoves the River...Again

Event #19: $2,500 NLH Championship $400,000 Guaranteed
Level: 3
Blinds: 100/200 
Current Entries:  39
Current Players Remaining: 38
Avg. Chip Stack:  30,789
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Omar Saeed

There's around 4,000 in the middle, and four players to see the AQ♣6 flop.

Rickey Lee checks in the big blind, Omar Saeed checks in middle position, Gary Lucci checks in the cutoff, and the player on the button makes it 2,300.  Only Saeed calls.

Both players check the 10 turn.

The river is the 8. Lee checks and Saeed announces that he is all in.

Apparently, Saeed has been known to make large shoves in this event, because a player at the table mutters in frustration quietly, "Again?"

Lee thinks for a few moments before ultimately opting to muck his hand.

Omar Saeed - 40,000
Rickey Lee - 38,000