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Monday, December 11, 2017

Event 10: 3rd Place- Anonymous ($27,378)

Event 10: Main Event
$1,650 NLH (Re-Entry) 

Level 25: 15,000/30,000/5,000
Total Entries: 168
Players Remaining: 2


The anonymous player moves all in for 150,000 and Stephen Song calls from the big blind.

Anonymous: A♣️Q♠️
Song: 5♥️4♦️

"You woke up with ace queen" jokes Song just as the dealer spread the A♥️10♠️2♠️ flop. The player flops an ace but Song picks up a gutshot straight draw.

The turn is the 3♥️ and Song spikes his straight on the turn leaving his opponent drawing dead. The meaningless 4♠️ hits the river and the anonymous player is sent to the rail in 3rd earning $27,378.

Heads up play is now underway between chip leader Max Hoffman and Stephen Song.

Stephen Song- 1,565,000
Anonymous- Eliminated in 3rd Place ($27,378)