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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Event #8 ($365 NLH) - Soukha Kachittavong Shows the Bluff

Level:  22
Blinds: 6,000/12,000
Ante: 2,000
Entries: 143
Players Remaining: 3
Average Stack: 610,000
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David Gunas raises to 35,000 on the button, and Soukha Kachittavong calls in the big blind.

The flop comes K♣5♠2♣.  Kachittavong checks, Gunas bets 38,000, and Kachittavong raises to 98,000. Gunas pauses for a few seconds before calling.

The turn is the A♣.  Kachittavong bets 118,000, Gunas peeks at his cards and then mucks them.

"Ok show the bluff," Gunas says to Kachittavong.

Kachittavong says, "Ok, I'll show since I am a nice guy," as he turns over 86♠ for eight-high.

"That was a great card for you to bluff," Gunas says as the pot is pushed over to Kachittavong.

Soukha Kachittavong - 925,000 (77 bb)
David Gunas - 695,000 (57 bb)