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Friday, March 31, 2017

Event #16 ($2,200 NLH Main Event) - David Paredes Sends One Home

Level: 7
Blinds: 250/500
Ante: 75
Current Number of Entries: 58
Current Players Remaining: 28
Average Chip Stack: 62,142
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Normand Frigon raises to 1,500 in the hijack. James Magner calls in the cutoff, David Stefanski calls on the button, and David Paredes calls in the big blind.

The flop comes 1066. Paredes checks, Frigon makes it 4,000, Magner and Stefanski both fold, and Paredes moves a stack of chips forward, putting Frigon all in should he choose to call.  Frigon pauses for a few moments, looks at the board, and then moves his remaining chips forward (totaling around 20,000.)

Frigon: J♣10♣
Paredes: Q10

Unfortunately for Frigon, the 5♣ turn and 2 river do not help him, and Paredes takes the pot with his higher kicker.

"You can always buy back in tomorrow," table mate James Magner says to Frigon as he stands and gathers his belongings.

Frigon responds undecidedly, and walks away from the table.

David Paredes - 105,000
Normand Frigon - Eliminated with the option to re-enter