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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Event #1 - Tony Mascia Eliminated in 10th Place ($7,429) By Vito Masi

Tony Mascia - 10th Place - $7,429

Level: 28
Blinds: 25,000/50,000
Ante: 5,000
Players Remaining: 10
Average Stack: 2,316,000
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Tony Mascia shoves all in from early position for 600,000, and Vito Masi reshoves for more in middle position. The rest of the players fold, and the two table their hands.

"I haven't hit a set all tournament," Mascia says as he turns over 99. Mascia is behind as Masi is holding a higher pair, KK.

The board runs out Q♣8♣6J5 awarding Masi the pot, and eliminating Masica in 10th place.

Vito Masi - Eliminated in 10th place, for $7,429
Tony Mascia - 1,400,000 (28 bb)