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Monday, October 12, 2015

Randy Spain Takes From Steven Tabb (Event #11)

Steven Tabb Tanking to Randy Spain's 200,000 River Bet
Steven Tabb raised to 23,000 on the button and Randy Spain called in the small blind and Solomon Yi called in the big blind.

When the flop came [ah][ks][8s], Spain led out for 75,000.  Yi folded and Tabb called.

Spain bet 150,000 when the [7c] came on the turn, and Tabb called.

When the river came the [ad] Spain bet 200,000 and Tabb went into the tank.  After a moment of thinking about it, Tabb folded [kd][8d] face up.

Tabb is now sitting with 910,000, and Spain with just over 1,000,000.