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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jesse Kosko Picks Off River Bluff (Event 1, Day 2)

When the flop came [kc][9s][8d] it checked around to Jesse Kosko in the cutoff who bet 18,000.  Jeffrey Miller called in the big blind, and a player in middle position folded.

The turn came the [ks].  Miller checked, Kosko bet 20,000, and Miller called.

When the river came the [2d], Miller led out for 45,000.  Kosko went into the tank and after a minute or two, pushed a few stacks of chips forward to make the call.

"You're good," Miller announced as he turned over [qs][jc].  Kosko turned over [ah][7h] for ace high and the winning hand.

A player at the table that wasn't involved in the hand said, "Nice call, man."

Kosko is now sitting with around 380,000 in chips.

Jesse Kosko Contemplates a Call

Jeffrey Miller (right) Waiting for Kosko to Call or Fold