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Monday, February 9, 2015

Paradis On a Different Planet

CPPT Main Event (Day 2)
Level 30 (40,000/80,000/10,000)
Total Entrants: 282
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 2,800,000

There's a moment in every game, every event, every competition where a player just takes over.

Think Tom Brady in the 4th quarter, David Ortiz at bat with the game winning run on second base, they know they're going to deliver, you know they're going to deliver, heck the other team knows it.

PJ Caruso and Dilipkumar Patel are starting to get the picture that Fred Paradis is taking over this Final Table and there might not be anything they can do about it.

Our three remaining players all just saw a flop of [9s][8h][9d] and Patel and Paradis would check to the pre-flop aggressor and Caruso would fire out a continuation bet of 250,000.

Patel would fold and Paradis would then check-raise to 650,000 and force a fold from Caruso after close to two minutes in the tank.

Paradis would smile and throw over [3h][5h] and if you didn't know about Fred Paradis before that hand, now you know as he seems to be playing on a completely different planet than these other two and is showing no signs of slowing down as he's approaching the 4,700,000 chip mark with the majority of his chips coming from PJ Caruso over the last level or so.