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Monday, November 4, 2013

Steve Dakota Happas Eliminated from the World Poker Finals Main Event in 8th Place ($21,605)

Carlos Chadha raises to 60,000 before the flop and is called by Tom Thomas.  Steve Dakota Happas calls from the big blind, leaving himself 75,000 behind.

The flop comes [Qh][8s][2d] and Happas put his last 75,000 in the middle.  Both Chadha and Thomas call and the turn is the [7c].

Chadha fires 125,000 and Thomas mucks his hand.  They turn over:

Chadha - [9c][9s]
Happas - [Ad][Td]

The river comes the [7s] and Chadha takes the pot with his two pair.

Steve Dakota Happas is eliminated in 8th place, taking home $21,605.

Carlos Chadha - 2,000,000