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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joseph Liberta Eliminated in 4th Place ($28,087)

Joseph Liberta

Joseph Liberta raises from the button to 160,000 and is called by Carlo Sciannameo in the small blind.  The flop comes [Qh][Td][3h] and Sciannameo checks.

Liberta bets 205,000 and Sciannameo calls.  The turn is the [8c] and Sciannameo checks once more.  This time, Liberta fires 450,000.  Again, Sciannameo makes the call.

The river comes the [Ks] and Sciannameo announces that he is all-in, having Liberta well covered.  Liberta calls and Sciannameo announces "Kings up."

Liberta mucks his hand as Sciannameo flips over [Kd][Ts]. 

Liberta is eliminated in 4th place and takes home $28,087.