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Friday, December 6, 2019

Event 1 $600 NLH: A Look at the Numbers, 225 Day 1A-B Entries

The Day 1B Event 1 players have returned from break and Day 1B tournament registration and re-entry is now closed. There were 159 entries in our first flight and 66 entries here in the second flight.

This brings the combined Day 1A-B Event 1 total to 225 entries with 23 players moving on to day two.

Below is a look at the Day 1A-B Event 1 numbers and the players advancing to day two will all be in the money and guaranteed a minimum of $1,200 for their efforts.

Day 1A Total Entries: 159
Day 1A Players Advancing to Day 2: 16
17th-20th Place Paid $1,200

Day 1B Total Entries: 66
Day 1B Players Advancing to Day 2: 7
8th Place Paid $1,200