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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Event #13 ($400 Six-Max) - David Salgado Triples Up, Carlo Sciannameo Eliminated

David Salgado

Level:  3
Blinds: 75/150
Current Entries: 37
Average Stack: 20,000

In the third level of play, David Salgado has tripled up, while Carlo Sciannameo was eliminated from play (with the option to re-enter).

There was a three way all-in on a board reading 843.

Sciannameo had flopped two pair holding 4♣3♣, Andrea Rizzo flopped a flush holding K2, and Salgado flopped the nut flush holding AQ.

The K turn and A river did not change the hand, and Sciannameo was eliminated from play, while Salgado tripled up, and Rizzo was left with only 6,000.

David Salgado - 50,000
Andrea Rizzo - 6,000
Carlo Sciannameo - Eliminated, with the option to re-enter