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Friday, March 18, 2016

Event #7 (Seniors) Robert Allain Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,452)

Robert Allain - 9th Place - $1,452

Blinds:  8,000/16,000
Ante: 2,000

After doubling up another player in a previous hand, Robert Allain is all in for less than two big blinds and chops the pot with two pair holding K♠J♠ against his opponent's KJ.

This hand, there are three limpers into the pot, and Allain shoves all in from the cutoff for 46,000.  A player in middle position as well as a player in the hijack both call.

The players check it down as the board runs out Q♣Q♠9♣ 6♣7♠7.  Amir Sujak turns over A♣4♣ for the flush, and Allain shows A♠J♣, eliminating him in 9th place, with a $1,452 payday.

A full chip count list will be posted soon, as players are now on break.