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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jim Balazsi Eliminated in 6th Place ($6,333)

After a flop of [Qs][5c][3s], both Jim Balazsi and Jacon Briggs check.

The [3c] falls on the turn and Briggs leads out for 400,000.  Balazsi announces that he is all-in and Briggs immediately makes the call.

They turn over:

Briggs - [Qc][Qh]
Balazsi - [Ac][Jh]

Briggs turns a full house and has Balazsi already drawing dead.

The river is the [4c] and Briggs wins a monster pot and now holds nearly half the chips in play.

Jim Balazsi is eliminated in 6th place for $6,333.